People love their pets. Pets provide companionship, love, and protection for us. In many cases, these pets, become members of their adopted families. According to the CDC, having a pet brings many health benefits. Pets can help manage loneliness and depression by giving humans friendship. Many United States households have at least one pet. The bond between a pet and a dog owner can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners.

Since pets bring so much to our lives, our goal is to treat them the best way possible. We want to give them the best food, the best accessories to play with, and the best medical care. Statistics show that this is the case all across the United States. According to a report by the American Pet Products Association, in 2020 Americans spent a total of $36.9 billion on pet food and treats. As a pet owner, you’ll want to only spend money on the most valuable products available, so here are the top six companies for pet products.

1. PawTree


The first company which offers quality pet products for your furry friend is PawTree. Founded in 2012, the pet supplies direct sales company provides a host of quality products and supplies for dogs and cats. When founder Roger Morgan sought to create PawTree, his hope was to find a better way to provide quality products for pet owners in the U.S.

As explained by PawTree, this pet lover wanted a better way to care for pets with premium quality food, snacks, and supplements made with only the finest ingredients. He sought out a clearer way to share solutions that catered to the unique needs of your pets to help you as a pet parent to make more informed decisions. He lastly wanted a better way to help people live a life filled with purpose, while also making a difference in the lives of pets and other pet lovers.

The goal of Morgan and the employees of PawTree was to find a way to give back the love and companionship that animals give us every day by providing them with valuable products. Once he partnered with a team of leading veterinarians, PawTree was created as a result of bringing the expertise of such individuals to the table.

The company was created as a social selling company that was dedicated to creating a world where love and compassion for pets and their families. PawTree has made it their commitment to creating quality products at affordable prices for healthier pets while giving their family members a piece of mind about their pets well being.

2. Joy Ride Harness

Any opportunity for your furry buddy to get out of the house is huge. For a pet, going outside can provide a feeling of escape from the confines of the house, gives them a chance to take a “potty break,” provides an opportunity to explore a new environment, and to also just run around and have some fun. Walking a dog, for a pet owner, can also be a fun and relaxing activity.

When you walk your dog, you are provided with mental stimulation, physical exercise, chances for socialization, and opportunities for behavioral training. Taking your dog on a walk helps to also build a bond between you and your four-legged family member. This is where a Joyride Harness comes in handy.

Gone are the days where putting a dog collar on your pet is the only option available. Rather than using a dog collar, you can now invest in a dog harness which can make a walk enjoyable for your pet and you as well. Joyride Harness prides itself on making life a bit easier and fun for you and your pet.

When you head out on walks with a Joy Ride Harness you want to make sure you have the best harness selections. The harnesses which they sell are humane products that improve the life of your dog and provide better control when walking your pet. The dog harness is also made from high-quality materials and is built to last a long life.

Their harnesses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, providing a potential buyer with a host of high-quality products. Out of 35,000+ reviews on their website, they have maintained a rating of 4.8 and above with their customers. When you scan through many of the first-hand accounts of their customers, a common trend that pops up is how satisfied the customers are with their Joy Ride Harness purchases. Customers often describe Joy Ride Harnesses as being the best harness for the job.

3. Sera Labs Health


If you have a need to take care of occasional anxiousness in your dog and car rides are solving the issue, Sera Labs Health is one option to consider. Let’s say that your animal suffers from an overly active mind, or the aforementioned spat of occasional anxiousness. Sera Labs Health helps to alleviate discomfort which your pet might be experiencing with pet-friendly CBD products.

One example of their pet offerings includes the SeraPets Pet Relief CBD Oil 250mg. As with any pet-focused product, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian to see if you can your pet such CBD products. This way you can maintain the health and vitality of your animal, while also receiving a professional confirmation that the product is safe to give to your pet.



KONG products are some of the best items in the pet toy and accessories market in the U.S. With their creation of the KONG pet toys, their reputation has grown amongst many pet owners all across the world. The company was founded by Joe Markham, who had a furry friend named Fritz. Fritz apparently had an unsatiable habit of chewing items, which was quite destructive.

Apparently, Fritz liked to chew on rocks, sticks, and a host of other harmful items. This would put Fritz’s health and teeth at risk for damage and decay. Markham couldn’t find an alternative to his dog’s destructive chewing habits, until one day when he was working on a VW bug. Markham tossed a rubber suspension part to Fritz, and the large dog fell in love.

The dog’s attraction to the bounce and toughness of the rubber inspired Markham to create a line of dog toys. KONG now creates a host of pet-safe, built-to-chew rubber dog toys. These product lines include Classic KONG chewies, snacks, puppy toys, accessories, stuffing, power chewers, Knots, Squeezz, Cozies, and Wubba. As pet parents, we want to provide our small and large dogs with the best toys possible. KONG accessories are a perfect fit for quality accessories that our furry friends will enjoy.

5. Happy Pet


Created by Dr. Evan Antin, Happy Pet provides more of a wellness-focused line of products for pets and pet owners. They use natural and eco-friendly ingredients in their line of shampoo, deodorizing wipes, paw moisturizers, powder sprays, and sun protection wipes. Created and formulated by Dr. Evan Austin, the products are not tested on animals.

Happy Pet also offers products that are carefully formulated to be gentle for a variety of skin types. If you’re looking for more natural ingredients, and nutrient focused offering for pet products for your large dog or small cats. Happy Pet is a good choice for pets and animal lovers.

6. Pet Brands

Pet Brands is a worldwide standout leader in accessories and treats. They have offices in the U.S., the UK, China, and India. The companies mission is to provide pet treats that exceed customer’s expectations, while also empowering people to build strong relationships with their pets. These products are a great option for those seeking high-quality pet products. Some of their more recognizable brands include Hello Kitty, Tatty Ted, Titchmarsh, RAC, InterAct, Nooties, Chocoholic, and New England. All of these will be satisfactory for your large dog or small dog.