Congratulations! You’ve decided it’s time to go shopping for that perfect engagement ring and then set the date so that you can tie the knot with the one you love. When it comes to jewels, the engagement ring is the one that has the most meaning and should be chosen very carefully. You want the best materials, the best clarity in the gemstone of choice, and the best shape to complement your ring finger—all in a price range that you can afford.


When it comes to buying an engagement ring, there’s a lot to consider, from the cut of the diamond engagement ring to the carat weight of the gemstone and whether you want platinum or a white gold band. The best thing to do is go with your significant other so that you can get the right ring size and choose the right carat together. In this article, you’ll find a few tips for picking the right engagement ring to start your new life with the one you love.

1. Choose a metal for the band.



One of the first things you want to do is choose the right metal for your engagement ring band. Alamos Gold is a gold mining company that runs an island gold mine that turns out some of the best gold for gold bands you can find. Alamos Gold is also committed to the communities near their mine sites, as well as fighting deforestation but committing to reforestation efforts at their various mine sites. If you want a white gold band or a simple yellow gold band for your engagement ring, from a responsible gold miner, that is probably the way to go. You can also choose from platinum, silver, rose gold, and many other options as well. The point is that you want your engagement ring to reflect your personality and style, so the choice is yours and yours alone.


Once you’ve chosen the metal for the band, you need to keep the four C’s in mind while you’re shopping for the diamond for the engagement ring itself. The four C’s are color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Once you have those four C’s in mind and know what they are, you’re ready to shop for the perfect engagement ring.

2. Choose the shape of the jewels for your engagement ring.



Along with the stunning clarity and carat you choose for your engagement ring, you’ll also need to choose the jewels’ shape to go in it. Whether it’s an oval, a solitaire, a pear shape, or cushion cut, every shape has a different price per carat, and of course, the higher the carat and clarity, the more expensive the engagement ring is going to be.


Each woman is different, so the shape of the jewels you choose is entirely up to you. Make sure to try a few different rings that come in different shapes to help you determine which looks best on your hand. Diamonds are forever, so you want to take your time and choose the one that you love and can’t bear to do without. When you see that diamond engagement ring, you’ll know it’s the one for you and won’t be able to wait to have it.

3. Set your budget.



Though no one likes to think about setting a budget for something as sentimental and important as an engagement ring, it still needs to be done. If you’re buying the ring together, sit down and work out a budget together. You want to spend the majority of the budget you set on the diamond itself, then the rest on the setting and materials for the ring.


These are just a few tips for picking out the right engagement ring for the one you love. Whether you’re picking it out together or not, following these tips will ensure the ring is perfect, just the way it’s meant to be.