The world is full of smart devices for everything from your car to your home. If you have been looking to upgrade your living space with smart technology and plan a remodel, this will be the perfect time to make some improvements. From your electronics to home theater systems and from upgrading your plumbing and electrical outlets to dimmer switches, there’s a lot to be said for smart tech. After all, who wouldn’t want to control things in their home with just a swipe of their smartphone?

The smart home market is going stronger than ever, and if you don’t get on board, you’re apt to be left behind. Many companies are offering products that fit seamlessly into people’s homes. Not only is smart home integration easier for the homeowner, but it’s also a wise investment. The more smart home tech you have in your castle, the more value that is going to be added to the home if you ever decide to put it on the market. So, while you’re concentrating on your home renovations and looking for ways to help your pet cope with noise from the contractors working on your home, consider the following smart home upgrades to modernize your living space.



Of course, you already know that your plumbing and air need to be taken take of and inspected regularly, but did you know that you can upgrade devices to new colors and style, such as switches and outlets, and that you can have a smart thermostat installed? From water heater installation to a smart thermostat in your escape room, there’s not much that a homeowner can’t do during renovations these days or even in your home theater room if you so choose. Everything from a smart toilet to LED taps is possible to get for your bathroom and more.

Home Theater Room


Who hasn’t dreamed of having a home theater room in their house? Whether you have the room in the basement or another part of your house, designing a home theater only makes good common and good financial sense during your renovations. There are many surround sound options to choose from, and it’s always a good idea to have your cable run into the room as well. From watching Hulu to Netflix and Amazon to movies on Blu-ray, there’s not much you can’t enjoy in a theater in your own home. Make sure that you have a large room to carry out your home theater design, and soon the whole family will be enjoying movies and popcorn any time you choose. Movie nights will never be the same, and it’ll certainly be much cheaper than heading to the theater when you want to have a movie night.

Don’t forget to add a couple of consoles so that you can play a video game or two when you’re in your home theater as well. Since most of these rooms are soundproof, it’s also a perfect place for pet owners to take their pets to keep them away from the noise. Just make sure to send a family member with them, so they aren’t frightened by being alone.

At-Home Escape


A cozy escape room is a perfect way to create an at-home escape for yourself and other family members and friends. From a reading nook to a place to escape when a thunderstorm hits and you want to protect your pup from the noise, there’s nothing better than a room that’s just your own. Make sure that you fill it with live plants and a dimmer light switch so that you can control the lighting the smart way.

While you’re planning your at-home escape room, make sure to fill it with electronics and other devices that are all about smart tech. You can find many articles online on how to find discounts on electronics, including everything from Black Friday sales to coupons. You should never pay retail price for a few things, and electronics are some of them. From the appliances you put in your escape room to the subwoofer you put in the theater room, you can be sure there are discounts and coupons somewhere that will help you offset the cost of the renovations your home is undergoing.

USB Outlets


If you’re renovating the kitchen, chances are you’ll be tearing out the backsplash, which means you’re probably going to have to do some rewiring. Don’t forget that you need an electrician for this, as electricity can be dangerous. Your home renovation is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your wiring and outlets to a more tech-friendly style. Outlets that have built-in USB ports are perfect for charging smartphones and tablets without having to have that unsightly brick in the way of everything and everyone. Ensure that your USB outlets meet all safety standards before putting them in, or better yet, hire someone who knows about electricity to do it instead.

Home Security Cameras


Perimeter cameras, doorbell cameras, and cameras on the inside of the home can be accessed by the phone you carry in your purse. If you’re doing home renovations and putting all of that expensive equipment into different rooms of your house, then you’re going to want good home security cameras to keep an eye on things when you can’t be home. These are also great for keeping an eye on things outside of your home when you’re there since you have cameras on the doorbell and the property. Not only do these cameras help you protect your family and property, but they also give you great peace of mind.

Home Security System


Automating your home security system during a home renovation is easier than doing it when the renovations are complete. Adding motion sensors that detect movement, sensors that detect smoke or carbon monoxide gases, or even just upgrading your home security system to detect intruders can be done at any time, of course. Still, it’s easier to do during renovations if you want to save money. The best way to protect the ones you love is with a reliable and updated home security system, so schedule an appointment to update yours as soon as possible.

Home Automation System


Now that you have all this smart home tech inside your newly renovated home, you don’t want to get confused and forget to use something. That’s where a good home automation system comes in. This system will offer you a way to connect and manage a whole range of devices with ease. There are quite a few options out there to choose from, so make sure you do your research to determine which one fits with the smart devices you’ve already chosen. You also want to make sure that you’re getting the best price for your money on any of the above items, so keep an eye on sites that offer deals and steals to get the best price on what you want.

These are just a few of the smart home upgrades you might want to consider during your home renovation project. These can add curb appeal, raise property values, and improve your quality of living. There’s nothing like catching up with technology to make you smile, from a home theater room to a home automation system.