So you made it to the holiday season with your new boo… time to go shopping!

It’s likely that your partner often deserves presents every day, but hold out on the excitement and save up to get him something really special this holiday. Between meeting each other’s respective families, enjoying each other’s company, and indulging in the holiday spirit, sweet and thoughtful gifts will only be the icing on top! Here are a few holiday gifts that will keep your new man in high spirits.

1. Fresh, New Clothes

New styles are sure to make anybody crack a smile. If there’s one thing your boyfriend will need, it’s definitely clothes. Whether he grows out of old threads or grows into a new fashion trend, he’ll always appreciate being the gift of new clothes. A great brand to shop from is California Classics Clothing and remains true to its name. This company honors the various beauty that is known and loved in the great place of California. Their Monterey County Fairgrounds collection includes Monterey shirts, sweaters, and accessories. These essential pieces are not only incredibly cool to dress in, but they’re also super comfortable! Have your boyfriend join the Monterey Club by gifting him some apparel from California Classics Clothing.


2. New Watch

Watches are classic accessories that are not only useful but incredibly stylish. If this is your first time going watch-shopping, you should check out the likes of WatchBox. WatchBox is not just an online boutique for finding your new stylish timepiece, it’s a community for watchmakers and collectors to trade, sell, and learn about fashionable and timeless watches. FP Journe is one of several brands that WatchBox features. Named after its founder, Francois-Paul Journe, this brand has many exciting styles for the man in your life with FP Journe astronomic blue, résonance, tourbillon Sourvein, red gold, and several more. Whichever model you decide, it’s sure to be the only watch your man will ever want to wear.


3. Beard Oil

We all know how attractive facial hair can be to men. Instead of simply admiring your hunk’s beard, be proactive — protect the beard! It’s essential that all hair is taken care of, and that’s including any hair on your man’s face. The same way you wash, condition, and moisturize the hair on your head, a beard or mustache needs that same TLC.

A great place to pick up a handmade beard oil for your man is Tri Herbal Cosmetics. Tri Herbal Cosmetics creates luscious products that are created with essential butter and oils from West Africa (all approved by scientists!) Beard Buttahs Balm is one of their top-sellers which adds incredible nourishment to beards — your man will definitely be pleased. You can also check out their men’s line of beard wash and beard oil by visiting Tri Herbal Cosmetics.

Pro Tip: you can also throw in some face masks along with the beard oil! This is a sweet treat that will definitely influence your partner to incorporate self-care daily. The rose clay mask from URBN Naturals would be a great addition to any beard oil.

4. Crystals and Stones

Healing is a gift that keeps on giving. Stones and crystals are incredibly intentional gifts. These gems help aide the healing process for those who practice meditation and various forms of prayer. These beautiful stones are essential to hold on to for spiritual journeys, and they’re also gorgeous! Protecting and manifesting a healthy spirit is one of the best joys to be gifted. Your man is sure to be stunned by this sweet gesture.