From the time that they first discover it, most guys form some sort of fascination with their penis. It’s true, fellas. Don’t try and deny it. As little boys, they can’t seem to stop touching it. Same case as teens. Okay, even young adults have the same issue, but usually in a different way.

All I am saying is guys like to know about their penis. A question they seem to ponder about it throughout their life is when does it stop growing? I’m glad you asked…

I won’t bore you with how babies are made, so we will skip that step. However, the penis begins its development in the uterus, from the ambisexual genital tubercle. Through the introduction of androgens to this structure, the penis will begin to take shape. As the fetus continues to mature, so too does the penis. It will become the small cylinder we all recognize as a penis in the womb. After the child is born, the penis will continue to sprout but lacks the noticeable changes commonly associated with puberty.

This massive surge in hormone production, also known as puberty, signals the greatest increase in the growth of the penis. It typically starts in children as young as 9 and as old as 15. It generally lasts around half a dozen years, during which time the penis will grow approximately a quarter to half-inch each year. Generally, the penis will first grow longer before wider, but everyone develops at their own pace. During this time, pubic hair will also sprout. Erections become more common and many young men begin to develop a fledgling sex life, however awkward it is.

Once out of puberty, the penis can continue to grow into a man’s early 20’s but often at a slower rate. There isn’t a set time when the penis ceases to mature, but it is unlikely that it will continue to naturally grow on its own.

At this stage of development, many guys will no longer see growth. Their penis has stopped growing and they’ve accepted the final size of their manhood. However, this isn’t the case for all.


As their testosterone levels reach their height, many men’s libido is also at its greatest drive. This desire often pushes them to unlock their peak sexual performance and to seek ways to increase their penis size. Some guys just aren’t satisfied with their current situation downstairs.

So, they search for ways to increase blood flow. They look for the best male enhancement supplements. Take tablets containing horny goat weed or pick up a pack of Extenze from the local gas station. The hunt for the perfect male enhancement product begins.

Guys will test out pumps and rings. Some will even consider surgery. For males who do this during this stage of their life, they will potentially see more growth. This new growth often continues while they are taking their capsules or other male enhancement.

Whether or not they use a male enhancement product during their earlier adulthood, there is a final time that there will be a fluctuation in penis size. This is when men start to experience erectile dysfunction. Sexual performance diminishes and their sex life fizzles out from low libido. This is often another point when guys turn to a male enhancement supplement to increase their penis size.

If you’ve come to a point in your life when you believe your penis has stopped growing and you wish to get bigger, there is good news. Studies have shown male enhancement can work. Check out some of the research that Leading Edge Health has performed on male enhancement pills and supplements.