If you’ve been feeling the pressure of stay-at-home quarantines and social distancing, here is your chance for a breath of fresh air — a road trip! Even as the state of this country continues to leave us restless, we understand that you’re itching to get out the house for vacation. With proper planning and necessary safety measures, your next trip can still happen during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few tips on planning your next road trip.

Rent an RV for the long trip.

An RV (Recreational Vehicle)is a valuable addition to any road trip. While you’re spending a lot of time on the road, it’s important that everyone is comfortable with transportation. RVs are perfect for road trips because they’re nice and efficient. These spacious motorhomes are built to suit all of your needs (all while giving you peace of mind!).

Before you run out and start trying to lease a brand new RV, relax; you don’t need to become an RV owner to be a (temporary) RVer. There are several RV dealers, dealerships, and private individuals that you can safely rent an RV from for your next getaway. Of course, while it’s in your hands, you’ll be responsible for the RV’s condition or any consequential damage. If the owner of the RV doesn’t have an RV warranty, you can purchase your own from Today’s Best Company. Today’s Best Company is a warranty company that sells RV extended warranties. An extended RV warranty (also known as a service contract or service plan) helps cover any fees associated with repair costs. Be sure to visit Today’s Best Company to pick an RV Extended Warranty to keep you covered in case of any mechanical failures or mechanical breakdowns

It’s important to note that having a warranty is not the same as having an insurance policy. RV insurance will provide services such as roadside assistance and repair facility amenities. It’s a good idea to consult with an insurance company, in addition to obtaining an extended warranty for the RV you’ll be renting. Always read the fine print on any agreement before signing to make sure that the service plan is right for your travels.

Shop for some new clothes and accessories.

One of the most exciting things about a vacation is packing, and that includes stocking up on travel clothes! Your travel wardrobe plays a huge role in how well you enjoy your trip. After all, you’ll want to stay as comfortable as you can, especially while on the road. Shake your head at anything too tight or too “dress-to-impress”, and say hello to everything lightweight and durable. Pro tip: pick up a nice jacket, a comfy pair of leggings, and plenty of underwear.

You’ll find the best travel clothes on NxtStop, a travel clothing company. NxtStop, a health-conscious company, provides stylish travel clothes that keep you comfortable and happy. NxtStop also sells face masks that are made of Bamboo, which is one of the most sanitary and breathable fabrics on Earth! If you were looking to get some exercise done during your trip, you can even pick up a breathable mask for running from this cool company. Visit NxtStop to get some new cool shirts (and mandatory masks!) to add to your travel outfit.

Stay away from major cities.

We know that the lure and excitement of visiting popular cities (such as Las Vegas or Los Angeles) are enticing, but COVID-19 is still out and about. If you’re going to be traveling, the bottom line is you need to go somewhere that is less likely to have a mass population. Sometimes, less is more.

Now is the perfect time to venture out to less-known cities across the United States. There are several smaller towns that have landmarks and historical attractions, such as downtown Vicksburg. Vicksburg, Mississippi is a historic town that offers visitors several sights to see, taste, and feel. Explore a new city while having the ultimate peace of mind by practicing social distancing with limited capacity.