Life is what you make of it. How we frame our happy endings is different for everyone. But if you are determined to live a fairy tale life, there are ways you can get close. If life was a fairy tale, here’s what it might look like. To find out how close you are, read on.

True Love’s Bling


While we can’t always order up our prince charming on a white house, we can provide the bling. Maybe you’re single and aren’t sure how to celebrate yourself. For many single women, the answer is simple: build your own ring.

Fairy tale lives are for single princesses and queens too! For you, there’s no need for a wedding checklist or hiring a videographer. Instead, if you hope down to your local jewelry store, you can start your fairy tale life with the bling chapter. Remember, we hold the pens to our own happy endings and those endings don’t have to include true love’s kiss at all. Instead, they can be about career success, strong friendships, and material or financial wealth.

For those who found their prince charming and want to go the traditional route, a fairy tale life may start with a fairy tale wedding. While Cinderella probably didn’t have to think about a marriage license, place cards for family members, and hiring a wedding planner, it’s still possible to have a magical wedding day all the same. From picking out wedding rings with your partner to trying on that wedding dress with your favorite bridesmaid, part of the magic will come in the planning.

To plan a fairy tale wedding, come up with a theme. Maybe pick your favorite fairy tale and have your wedding guests or best man dress up as characters. Choose your wedding venue carefully. A castle or outdoor garden wedding by a stream would work great for this. Consider magical locations for your engagement photos too. Your fairy tale beginning will be captured for years to come.

Once Upon a Location


Fairy tales look different for everyone. But odds are that for most people, fairy tale life begins with a gorgeous place to live or travel. They can start with destination weddings and vacations, too. Not many places are more gorgeous than the blue waters of Hawaii.

Look up Hawaiian real estate and browse the listings and you’ll quickly see what fairy tale life can be. Whether traveling to an exotic destination for your honeymoon or wedding, the fairy tale life doesn’t mean you couldn’t move there too. In fairy tales, anything is possible.

Not sure what the perfect location looks like for you? Try Pinterest or travel blogs and consider pinning your dream hometowns and destinations to a vision board. It’s always great to have something to strive for and part of living a fairy tale life means dreaming of magical things.

Writing a Happy Ending


Before you start that checklist for planning a wedding or drawing up designs for your custom ring, take time to skip to the ending. Imagine what a fairy tale life means for you. For some, the list will be short and include words like happiness, health, and wealth. For others, happy endings are about finding true love and being true to themselves. There are no wrong answers.

In the end, we all hold the pen to our stories. Narrative therapists will tell you that the best way to achieve a happy ending is to ask yourself what the perfect life looks like to you. Once you know your answers to that important question, you are well on your way to writing your own magical adventure. Take time to enjoy each chapter and happy magical living to you!