Winter is here in full force, but it won’t be long before the summer sun is shining once again. Of course, then your thoughts will turn to be more active and getting outside as much as possible. While your thoughts are turning to summertime fun, you need to think about a few housekeeping investments you’ll be happy you chose when they’re done, and you’re free to enjoy the rest of the summer in peace. From adding an awning to your home to shielding you from the blistering summer sun to renting a self-storage unit to store belongings in that are just cluttering up your home, there’s plenty to do.

Besides, who doesn’t want a fresh new look for the home they love as spring turns into summer? If you’re unsure of which of the summer house investments you need to start with, keep reading for a few hints to be revealed.

Invest in a retractable awning.


If you’ve ever wanted to sit out on the porch or the patio in gentle spring rain or you love watching a thunderstorm from the front porch but don’t want to get wet while doing it, then you should consider investing in a patio cover, a canopy or a retractable awning for your home. Get in contact with an awnings Chicago professional to come out and show you the aluminum awnings, canvas awnings, and other accessories they have today.

Invest in a self-storage unit.


If you’ve had clutter building up in your home all winter long, when spring finally arrives, you’ll be ready for some serious decluttering. However, no one wants to get rid of everything. Investing in a self-storage unit can let you declutter your home and still keep the belongings you can’t bear to part with but never use. There are many benefits of self-storage solutions, and being able to declutter your home because you rented one is a major one.

Apply fresh paint to the exterior of your home.


One of the easiest but best investments you can make in your home is applying a fresh coat of paint to its exterior before summer begins. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your home pop, but it also adds value to your property and gives you the pick-me-up you need after a long, hard winter. Who wouldn’t smile when they pull up in their driveway to be met by a house that is gleaming and looks new because of a well-done paint job.

Install a pool in your yard.


A major investment in your home that you’ll never regret is having a pool installed in the backyard. Whether you’re living in a new home or you’ve lived in your home for years, there’s something about a brand new pool that makes a house look a whole lot different. Make sure that you pour a patio out there, a nice deck, and add some pool toys to the mix, which makes it a great investment that you’ll use for years to come.

If you want to get really adventurous, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to that housekeeping investment list to invest in before the upcoming summer. This is a great way to get your family and friends together without having to visit a public pool or go out to eat in today’s uncertain world.

These are just a few housekeeping investments you might consider making this upcoming spring and summer. Winter might have just reared its ugly head, but you can start dreaming of summer by planning the improvements you’re going to do to your home once the spring flowers start to bloom.