We’re willing to bet you’ve never dialed up a friend and said, “Hey, let’s talk about life insurance coverage.” Indeed, it’s one of the most difficult and unpleasant discussions to have. However, it’s also one of the most important conversations.

We tend to think of a life insurance policy as a way to take care of our children after we pass. This begs the question, do you need life insurance if you don’t have children? Continue reading to get some reasons you should consider getting some type of coverage, even if you don’t have children.

Consider your end-of-life and burial expenses.


One of the harsh realities of life is burials aren’t free, and funeral costs are rising. The typical funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000! Furthermore, many people find themselves with a critical illness and needing end-of-life care that’s unaffordable. Many of them cover their treatments by making withdrawals from their whole life insurance policy.

You should have at least enough insurance to pay for your burial costs when you pass. Furthermore, depending on the type of life insurance policy you get, you could make withdrawals from its cash value to pay for other things, from health care to home repairs and even college tuition.

Think about others in your family who may depend on you.

If you have a spouse or live with a significant other, family members, or even roommates, you should consider getting at least a small amount of life insurance. When you live with others, they depend on whatever finances you bring to the table, and your untimely death could leave them in a hole. Indeed, getting a life insurance policy, especially when you’re single and have no dependants, is a selfless act. It requires considering all those who will feel the financial impact of your absence.

It’s a good idea to have a life insurance policy if you work a dangerous job.


Many of the jobs we rely on the most in the United States are among the most dangerous. Construction workers, electricians, and truck drivers are great examples of lucrative careers that provide services we can’t live without but are also dangerous.

People who work in “hard hat” trades need a life insurance policy, no matter their family situation. The good news is that workers in these fields can usually get group life insurance through their employers. If you work in a hard-hat trade and have the option of group life insurance, we suggest you take it.

If you plan to start a family, you need life insurance.

Another great reason to get life insurance coverage, even if you’re single or childless, is if you plan to start a family. Having life insurance will give them and yourself peace of mind that they won’t lose all their financial strength if and when you pass. This is especially vital advice if you have a medical condition or predisposition to ill health due to family history.


It’s understandable why someone young and childless might not think they need life insurance coverage. However, the thing about life is no one knows when theirs will end or what it will cost. One reason you still need insurance is burials aren’t free. Secondly, your insurance policy might help a family member. Also, you need coverage if you plan to start a family. Furthermore, you need at least group life insurance if you’re in a dangerous line of work.

Thinking about covering burial expenses and other aspects of dying is unpleasant. However, it’s necessary, as none of us will live forever. Rather than looking at it as getting ready for death, consider it as preparing for the future. A life insurance policy can do much more than cover your funeral costs—it can provide financial security for someone you love after you’re gone, even if they’re not your child.