It doesn’t matter if you run a business from home, or just need a space to pay the monthly bills, you deserve a space that’s more than just a chair and a desk. It’s so much easier to switch from “home” mode into “work” mode when you have a designated space. In fact, when you have your space set up perfectly, from the home office furniture to the wall art, you’ll never want to stop working! Designing a home office can seem intimidating, especially if you don’t have a spare room to use. But it can be fun and you can create an environment that’ll get your brain juices flowing.

Here are some simple ways you can create your perfect home office.



Speaking of rooms, the location of your home office is pretty important. You’ll most likely spend hours working, so you don’t want to be cramped. You’ll need a decent amount of lighting, so you can’t be anywhere too dark. Consider these aspects, along with the flow of traffic in your house, and what kind of environment you like to work in — secluded or in the midst of activity? Once you figure out what area or room to convert into your workspace, it will make planning things like new furniture easier.


Everything in your home office should serve a purpose, from the shelves to your office chair. Think of what you’ll need, what you need around you, and what your workflow will look like before investing in any office room furniture. Then you can look for pieces that are both beautiful functional. Furniture stores have everything you’ll need, including the perfect leather office chair that’ll make you feel like a boss. You can find furniture in Tucson that’ll be perfect for not just your home office, but your living room and dining room, too!



It’s your space, so make it your own. Paint the walls if you can, hang up some new lighting, or put up a piece of art. You can brighten up the area with some greenery, and get a succulent or an indoor plant. Set up a mini-shrine that inspires you, and place your favorite knick-knacks or photos on it. Keeping something meaningful nearby can help you focus on your goals. Remind yourself of your wedding day and that special promise you made to your partner with a canvas print of a wedding photo or a wedding vow art print. It can become your muse, and remind you what you’re always working for.


Get ahead of the impending cord knots that’ll eventually happen from all your devices! You can’t do much about them, but you can hide them and keep them organized, preventing a lot of headaches down the road. Make sure you have plenty of outlets nearby and invest in some cord organizers. You can also encase them with a cord case, or cover them up. Cords aren’t the only thing you should organize, either. Make sure to have a place for everything, and it’ll make clean up at the end of the day a lot easier.

Utilize Space

If your home office space is limited, there are ways you can maximize your space. Instead of trying to fit everything on the ground, work your way up. Hang floating shelves, and use vertical file sorters on your desk. You can look for a desk that has vertical storage attached to it, or create your own with various shelving and cubes. Get inventive and you’ll be surprised at how much space you actually have.

Creating your perfect home office is all about what you prefer and what you need from your space. There’s no perfect way since everyone’s “perfect” office looks different. So have fun designing and make your room one that you’ll want to burn the midnight oil in.