Accidents can happen at any time, and unfortunately, they may result in serious injuries. Car accidents are extremely common in the United States, and work-related accidents commonly result in injuries as well, especially if you have a dangerous occupation. Mining is a particularly dangerous occupation, even if you work for one of the best mining operations. While the number of mining-related fatalities and injuries is steadily going down in recent years, there’s no denying the dangers of working for mining companies. The most common mining injuries involve poisonous gases or accidents with explosives.

Whether you’re injured on the job, due to a crash, or any other source of injury, you may have a personal injury case. In the case of a work injury, you would need to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer’s insurance company. Of course, like any other insurance company, these companies don’t make money by actually paying out claims. If you feel like your personal injury claim was unfairly denied, or that you were injured due to the negligence or ill-intent of an at-fault party, then you may need further assistance to get fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages due to time off work, and psychological/emotional trauma. Don’t hesitate to contact a local personal injury attorney with years of experience to handle your claim. For example, if you’re in the Denver area, search for a Denver accident lawyer who understands Colorado law. Here are a few things you can do to help your case before you go in for the free consultation.

Seek medical care immediately.


Accident victims should always get medical attention as soon as possible after a collision, or any other form of accident, for their own safety. Of course, this step also serves a second purpose. Medical records are extremely important for any personal injury case, especially if you’re intending to file a lawsuit with the help of an experienced law firm.

First, getting immediate medical treatment proves that your personal injury was caused by the car crash, work accident, or whatever source you say caused it. It also produces a clear record of your medical bills, which can have a significant impact on your car accident claim. Receiving any recommended treatments and attending all follow-up appointments will also show that you’re taking your recovery seriously, which is crucial for any auto accident or other personal injury case.

Gather evidence from the scene.


Before visiting a Denver car accident lawyer for the first time, it’s important to collect as much evidence as possible to back up your case. This is because car accident attorneys often work on contingent fees, meaning that they’re only paid a percentage of your settlement if you win. This makes personal injury lawyers cautious about which cases they pick up.

The first thing any accident victim needs is photographic evidence of the injuries themselves. This means you should have pictures of the initial injury, as well as photos that document the recovery process. Also, just as you would need photographs of property damage caused by an accident to give your insurance company, it will be a good idea to provide these to your attorney after a motor vehicle accident. If there is a police report or any witness statements, these can also help. Once a Colorado law professional with years of experience has taken your case, you’ll just need to update them on any developments with your condition.

Invest your settlement.


Injury cases are extremely complex, and it may take some time to reach a verdict, which is why it’s so important to get a law firm on your case before the statute of limitations runs out. Once you’ve received your settlement, you may find that it’s more than you expected, and it might be a good idea to invest it. One way to diversify your portfolio is with safe commodities, like buying ounces of gold. Gold mining companies like Alamos Gold can be great sources for smart investment.

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