When you’re deciding to rent a house or apartment or make a purchase of your own, one key consideration is how you’ll make your space your own. Many would-be renters worry that they won’t have the chance to personalize or otherwise improve a rental space. This concern becomes all the more prevalent with an apartment as opposed to a home. Shopping for an ideal apartment, you’ll find nearly identical units across a building—and even across different complexes, in some cases.

However, with a bit of thought and effort, even the most cookie cutter-inspired space can reflect your unique taste and sense of style. You can turn a dull, outdated apartment into a proper new home with just a few changes and additions—all without forfeiting your security deposit. Here are just a few ways to go about it.



Plants and other natural touches are an easy way to bring life into your apartment, quite literally. Head to any local shop focusing on outdoor spaces for easy access to flowers, ferns, and other natural pieces. Then, visit a site like https://potsplantersandmore.com/ for the most aesthetically attractive planters and pots for your new additions.

Whether you select a planter box for outdoor use or indoor planters to combine function with décor, you’re sure to find a durable, high-quality pot to protect your plants. Your flora will be as happy in its new home as you are in yours. Worried you’ll neglect your indoor plants or prove yourself to have a black thumb? Try faux plants or other natural accents, like bamboo furnishings, to add a similarly pleasing touch to your apartment.

Removable Swaps


When you purchase a home, there are many potential changes to be made, whether you’re replacing the existing flooring with a higher-quality material or you’re remodeling the bathroom. To change up your rented apartment home, you can make similar changes—the key is to make sure that you‘re utilizing removable pieces.

As a bonus, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of hard work. Rather than replacing your backsplash, cover the unsightly tile with a stick-on version you can take off once your lease expires. Even adjustments as simple as replacing your shower curtain or light switch plates (and storing the existing pieces for later) can add a subtle new focal point to a room. Whether you customize your fully furnished space in Landing apartments or start more or less from scratch, there are all sorts of minor swaps that can make a significant difference.

Personal Pieces


One great way to create your customized space is to include pieces that are distinctively you. Frame a few of your favorite photos (you can even print some from your Instagram feed), and add them to your walls or counter space. Craft a do-it-yourself piece of art, and display it for a creative conversation piece. Showcase your family heirlooms or souvenirs from a lifetime of travels. All that matters is that you’re highlighting elements that bring you joy.

Finishing Touches


However you decide to spruce up your new home, one of the final, yet essential, adjustments you can make is implementing finishing touches. These can be as simple as hanging a favorite print, adding knick-knacks to your bookshelf, or including a few books or other accessories on your coffee table. These additions may seem small, but they’ll have a significant impact on the final product: a space you truly love.

Whatever sort of space you’re moving into, there are ways you can decorate, approve, and personalize your new home without violating the terms of your lease or damaging your rental. From growing greenery in a beautiful planter to contact papering your pre-installed appliances to match your preferred aesthetic, each change you make can ensure you feel at home. Then, whenever friends or family come to visit, they’ll have no doubt whatsoever that you’re settling into this unique space.