Remodeling projects can be time-consuming and daunting. What’s more, some homeowners tend to make critical mistakes during the home renovation process that can potentially cost them thousands of dollars in damages. To avoid making expensive mistakes, use this comprehensive list of renovation do‚Äôs and don‚Äôts to have a smooth and cost-effective home renovation process.

Do Refurbish Your Kitchen


If you hope to sell your home sometime in the future, making a few adjustments can significantly increase your home’s resale value. When you add modern touches to your home, not only do they add value to your home, but they also allow you to derive more pleasure from your home.

The kitchen is central to every home and prospective home buyers are most likely to be drawn to the kitchen first when assessing a home. Besides, everyone wants a modern look kitchen, even better when they do not have to spend a ton of cash on its renovations. If your kitchen backsplash is beginning to show signs of wear, re-tiling, repainting, or regrouting it is an easy way to give your kitchen a modern facelift.

Kitchen lighting adds functionality and design to your kitchen and adding lighting fixtures is an easy way to give your kitchen an interior design lift. Trading in your old light fixtures for newer pendant lights, for instance, will brighten up your kitchen and enhance your existing design while staying within budget.

Conduct Contractor Interviews


Reading online reviews and looking up the company’s name on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) directory can help you find a decent contractor. Interview at least three different people before hiring one for the job. Also, make it a point to hire a contractor who has at least three years’ experience in the type of services you need.

Once you settle on a contractor it is guaranteed that they will be spending a lot of time in your home and around your family. Because of this, you need to be sure that the people you allow into your home have a clean criminal record. Running a comprehensive background check on a prospective hire can help alleviate any fears you may have, and GoLookUp’s mugshot lookup option is your best bet for this. GoLookUp’s online database has access to millions of public records and can allow its users to conduct searches for criminal records, arrest records, mugshots, and court records.

Don’t Go Over Budget


Home improvements cost money and depending on the changes you’re making, you may be able to cover these costs without extra financing. In some cases, however, you may need to explore financing options to pay for your renovation costs. Many options exist to help you finance the landscaping on your new lawn, you just need to do your research well beforehand.

If you plan on redoing your lawn, make sure that the lawn care company you want to hire is within your budget. To ensure this, request a free quote by filling the contact form on the company’s website. Most lawn care companies have an online tool that can measure your lawn dimensions, in this way you can be sure that you’re receiving an adequate quote. Home equity loans, credit cards, savings, and personal loans are all financing options that you can discuss with your lawn care company.

Don’t stay home during renovations.


Construction projects can release a number of toxins which can be an issue for children and adults with preexisting health issues. This is why it is important to consider leaving your home when renovations are being carried out. Depending on the area in your home that you’re renovating, taking a quick weekend getaway may be the best option to allow your contractors to work faster.

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Planning a home renovation is never easy although the renovations you make can help rebuild the cost of your home. Be sure to contact your insurance provider to make sure that you have enough homeowners insurance to meet the cost of your renovations.