It probably feels like an understatement to say that the beginning of the 2020 decade has gotten off to a rough start. The introduction of the novel coronavirus in 2020 has thrown the world into chaos. From a global quarantine to economic struggles to natural disasters to crazy political situations, there has been a lot going on. It’s okay to cut yourself some slack if you haven’t been on track with your goals lately. Even the beginning of 2021 has felt like a confusing continuation of the previous year.

However, there’s no time like the present to turn things around. Just because the past year has been rough, doesn’t mean you can’t find bright spots and new successes in the future. There is still time to enjoy the little things and prepare for another great trip around the sun. Nobody said it would be easy, but with determination and the right planning tools, you can find hope for 2021. Let’s look at a few ways to prepare yourself for the rest of this year so you can make the most out of your current situation.

Prepare for accidents to happen.

If this past year has taught you anything, it’s that nothing in life is predictable. Accidents happen and it can help to have peace of mind that you’ll be okay even if they do. It’s time to get your insurance policies in order. If you feel you’re paying your insurance company too much for your auto policy or homeowner’s insurance, consider shopping around to see if you can get any special discounts. With GEICO discounts, you can save money with premium reductions while maintaining a good level of policy service options. A customer service agent can help current homeowners, renters, or drivers get valuable coverage at a discount amount. This is the year you dump your old insurer and take control as a policyholder.

Check-in with your spiritual health.

A year of change and quarantine left a lot of people feeling sad and hopeless. Moving forward, it’s a good idea to check in with your mental and spiritual health. Find something you can turn to and rely on to get you through this difficult time. For some people that may be religious, others turn to relationships, and still, others may enjoy reading horoscopes.

If you study astrology and believe in the power of the stars, your daily horoscope or Zodiac sign can be a great way to find insight into your current situation. Maybe Aries season is around the corner and you’re bound to thrive at that time. Or maybe understanding how you behave as an Aquarius or a Scorpio can give you some clarity into your current mood. Perhaps recognizing the negative habits you have as a Taurus or Virgo will help you avoid them moving forward. Researching how your horoscope affects your life can give you clarity moving forward.

Put money away in savings.

Many people struggled over the past year because of sudden job loss. That is a stressful situation that is hard to bounce back from. If you are lucky enough to have secured a new job, start building your savings back up. Hopefully the next “rainy day” won’t be a whole year, but having extras put away will give you extra peace of mind.

Set some achievable goals to get back on track.

Every year, people love to make New Year’s Resolutions. However, with all the complications in the current world, it’s understandable if your lofty goals aren’t being met. Work on setting some new, achievable goals to get you back into a productive mindset. This will help you find motivation and hope for the rest of 2021.