CBD has gone from a niche product to a staple in almost every industry, from beauty to food. With record profits rolling it, it seems unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Since hemp products became legally available in the United States, the CBD business has been booming. CBD is even starting to become popular amongst dog owners, specifically CBD oil. A number of brands have even begun to offer CBD products specifically formulated for pets. It’s always a good idea to talk to your vet before introducing a new product into your dog’s life, but many dog owners have expressed deep enthusiasm for the role CBD plays in their furry friend’s life. If you’re curious about CBD, keep reading for a guide on how CBD oil can be used for dogs.

What is CBD?


CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. It was legalized in the United States after the 2018 Farm Bill passed into law, which permitted the sale of hemp and hemp byproducts like CBD. Since then, the CBD industry has grown exponentially, and experts project that it may be worth $20 billion by 2024. You can find CBD in everything from soaps to oils and tinctures to edible products like gummies.

If you’re wondering why people use CBD, listen to consumers themselves. Users rave about its impact on everything from anxiety to chronic pain to occasional sleeplessness. While additional research is needed to determine all medical applications for CBD, there are advances being made. In 2018, the FDA approved its first medication containing cannabidiol, Epidiolex. The new drug treats two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravet syndrome. Studies are being performed to identify any other potential healthcare applications CBD may have, for both humans and animals.

How is CBD oil used for dogs?


Studies are still ongoing to determine the precise benefits of CBD. Still, many people are beginning to purchase products like full spectrum CBD oil for their dogs. Dog owners rave about its impact on everything from stress to physical discomfort, which is many of the same reasons humans have begun to use CBD products. If you’re wondering what full spectrum means, it indicates that the product has a high concentration of CBD combined with other cannabinoids, which is believed to produce a stronger effect than oil that uses CBD alone without any other hemp compounds.

Talk to your veterinarian before making CBD a part of your dog’s routine. Your vet can give you a better idea of how it may affect your dog and explain how it could interact with any health conditions they may have or medications they may be taking. They may also be able to provide advice on products and dosage. It’s also important to look up the legal status of CBD where you live, as many countries have different laws and policies regarding its use.

A few years ago, many people hadn’t even heard of CBD. Now CBD has its own incredibly profitable industry, with products ranging from edibles like gummies and chocolates to full-spectrum oil for dogs. Experts hope to learn more about the scientific and medical applications CBD may have in the near future, but the cannabis compound already has millions of fans all over the world. As with any product you purchase for your pet, take the time to find a trusted CBD brand that offers high-quality products and discuss the decision to use CBD with your vet first. If you’re cautious and responsible, you and your pet can learn about the benefits of CBD together.