Keeping cool during those hot summer months is one of those things that’s a simple concept with difficult execution. The summer heat can really come out of nowhere and turn your whole living situation into a sweaty waking nightmare. That’s why it’s key to have a foolproof plan in place that allows you to keep cool when the temperatures start to spike. Let’s take a look at some specific ways to keep cool in the summer.

1. Wet those curtains.

If you’ve never heard of how effective wetting your curtains can be when it comes to beating the heat, then you’re in for a beautiful moment of enlightenment. You fill up some buckets/pots with cold water and let the bottoms of your curtains soak in the buckets. Or you can spritz your curtains with cold water. The other key part of this tactic is to ensure that you have circulating air to evaporate the water. So, don’t be one of those folks caught without a working air conditioner. You’ll need that air conditioner to help tie the whole strategy together.

2. Go feast mode on spicy foods.

Yes, this might seem completely counterintuitive, but the reality is that the special chemical capsaicin, which is present in spicy foods, acts to cool you down. As you know, when you eat foods that are spicy enough, your pores open, and the sweat proceeds to flow freely. That sweat can act as a coolant for your body’s whole temperature. So, use the summer as a time to embrace the spicy foods train, and get that sweat going. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective this tactic can be in the face of summer heat.

3. Store your moisturizers in the fridge.

Just picture how refreshing it could be when you apply your handy moisturizer, and it’s icy cold. It’s like a miniature cold shower for your face, with the added benefits of reducing unwanted things like puffiness and any signs of rosacea. You can take the whole cooling process one step further and experiment with aloe vera as well. The reviews for that experience are glowing with satisfaction.

4. Place a bowl of ice in front of your A/C or fan.

This trick is especially effective if all that you’re working with is a fan. A fan that’s trying to cool a hot room can end up feeling like it’s just someone breathing more warm air on you. Not the best feeling. So, you can try offsetting that by placing a bowl of ice in front of your fan or even your A/C unit. You’re mere minutes away from getting so cooled down that you’ll have goosebumps.

5. Steer clear of the “meat sweats.”

Many of us have been caught up in the middle of one of those unfortunate, sweat-soaked meat digestion nights. They’re nothing short of feverish and wildly uncomfortable. It can feel at times like your insides are overheating, and the whole system might give in. So, avoid those gnarly meat sweats instead of opting for healthy green platters of veggies or other vegan options. Your body will thank you, and you won’t wake up multiple times throughout a hot summer night in a puddle of sweat.

We’ve touched on some of the essential ways you can navigate a hot summer without being an overheated, uncomfortable human being. Fortunately, we have so many helpful tools at our disposal to adapt to the rises and dips in the temperatures that this world throws at us. Maybe you’re feeling particularly inspired to shell out the money for that new air conditioner finally. Or, maybe you know an old struggling family member who is in dire need of one. Air conditioners are one of those consistently great holiday gift ideas for those with dementia. It can be hard to keep track of, but a gift that makes a world of difference.