Every woman dreams about pulling off an incredible boudoir shoot that pulls out all the stops. Women tend to be a bit negative about ourselves, but it’s important to embrace the beauty that everyone possesses. It is our unique differences that make us stand out and shine. Wearing any kind of sexy underwear is not just for special occasions—wear it whenever you feel like you want an extra special addition to your day. Here are a few ways to feel comfortable and confident in lingerie.

1. Don’t forget to smize.

The eyes are the windows to your would and one of the best tips to feel ultra sexy is to have that Hollywood look in your eyes. Mink lashes are a great way to accentuate your eyes. False eyelashes are an amazing add on for when you want your normal lashes to look a bit more enhanced. False eyelashes provide much-needed definition without the issues that mascara can cause, like clumping. The results are out of this world and will provide you with that little boost of confidence you would like. Faux mink lashes have a totally natural look and will have you with a confident smize in those eyes immediately.

2. Find the right size

When shopping for lingerie, it doesn’t have to be just for your spouse. You want to make sure you are doing it for yourself as well. It’s important not to just buy a sexy lingerie set because your partner may enjoy it. You want to choose a garment that speaks to you and that you find beautiful. The secret is that if you feel sexy in it, then whoever you are wearing it for will automatically love it as well. Make sure you get the correct size and are not forcing yourself to fit in it. It is a good idea to invest in a luxury set since you will be getting better quality. Invest in a panty set or some bralettes, any women’s lingerie that makes you feel sexy. If you’re wearing the right size bra and you feely comfortable with your curves your partner melt away.

3. Set the mood

Don’t underestimate what good mood lighting can do for your confidence. If you have dimmers in your bedroom, make the most of them! It will help you to feel less in the spotlight. Lighting candles is also another great option since it can create a romantic atmosphere. You can create the allure of luxury quite easy with lighting so make it work for you.

4. Embrace your style.

It is beyond important to not only embrace your style but embrace your size. The whole point of lingerie is to be able to express yourself sensually. Any woman can find the perfect look no matter what her style is. Maybe you feel more comfortable in cute boy shorts and a tank or t-shirt. Or maybe you’re ultra-feminine and you want a baby doll ensemble. Shapewear is a great tool to have as well, since it can mold your body into a super sexy shape. Regardless of shape and style, though, bear in mind that most people are attracted to positive energy. Try not to feel like you need to live up to the hype of a magazine or model—just be you.

5. Ask for an opinion.

While it may not be needed all the time, an opinion can sure go a long way when it comes to making decisions on what to wear. While wearing lingerie should be for you it can also be fun to include your partner. Every so often, ask them what they would like to see you in or if they have a preference for a certain design. It can be a good way to bond with one another if you decide to include them in on the decision making progress. But above all just have fun. After all, a sexy bra or a full sexy look should be about having fun with the person you love.