Spending time in nature and unplugging from the world can be a great form of self-care. It can be even more fun to go camping with a dog. If you own a dog and have been feeling cooped up since the global pandemic began, it might be time to start planning a camping vacation for you and your furry companion. If you love nature and adventure, read on for three reasons why it might be time to take your dog camping.

1. Companionship



Odds are that the reason you got a pup in the first place was partly for companionship. The trouble is that life can get busy and, as much as we try to take time out to play with our puppy in our backyard or take our large dog on long walks, life gets in the way. Even people who work remotely from home can run into the problem of not having enough time in the day to spend with our dog.


One way to solve this problem and spend more time with your pup is to take them on a camping trip. Not only will this improve behavior, but it will give your dog something stimulating and fun to try out, too. No matter what the breed, dogs make great camping companions.


Don’t let excuses like mosquito bites, fleas, or other logistics get in the way of a camping trip with your puppy. Even in areas with a large mosquito population, there are mosquito control products like mosquito bite spray, mosquito traps, and candles that will help get rid of those less than beneficial insects so that you can enjoy your pooch in nature. Make sure to check your dog’s skin for ticks and fleas when you’re heading home, since ticks and fleas can carry dangerous diseases. When packing those natural repellents and mosquito traps, don’t forget to pack your dog’s food and bowls.

2. Protection



Even a small dog can serve as great protection on your next camping trip. Dogs can alert us to strange noises and give us peace of mind whether sleeping in a camper, tent or pop up. If you’re considering bringing your dog on your next camping trip, invest in a pull dog harness with a front clip and let them alert you to wildlife or nature. All dog owners know exactly how great their pets can be for hearing the softest of sounds even at night. From dusk to dawn, your pet will be there to protect you with alerts.

3. Exercise and Wellness



With camping, you’ll have no excuse not to give your dog exercise. Camping is the best time to pull out the no pull dog harness and leash clip for a long walk and some exploring. From squirrels to butterflies, your pooch will have a fantastic time with any outdoor activities you come across. Think about hiking with a freedom harness or jogging to a lake or pond for some swimming or even fishing at the surface of the water.


Back at the campsite, you can exercise your canine companion with games like Frisbee or tug of war by allowing your dog a little freedom to roam around. Instead of worrying about your dog getting into the neighbor’s flower pots like you might at home, your pooch will be happy about the freedom that comes with the campground and may even get to socialize with other humans or dogs.


At the end of the day, it’s the people and animals in our lives that matter the most. By taking a special camping trip with your dog, you’ll not only strengthen your bond but get some time away from daily stressors and struggles. A great way to exercise and explore, your dog will not only keep you company on your camping trip, but protect you, too.