There’s a certain thrill to renovating a house for many homeowners, even if you’re not a professional architect. When you’re repainting a room, installing a TV wall mount, or picking out new furniture, it can be a fun, hands-on way to get involved around the house. Unfortunately, however, some projects are often too unwieldy for most homeowners to tackle themselves.

Even though interior design seems like it should be an enjoyable, engaging process, you should know when it’s time to call in a professional. Between taking a realistic look at your budget and asking yourself a few questions about your design process and style, here are a few ways to help you spot when it’s a sensible idea to hire an interior designer or interior design firm.

Hire an interior designer if you have the budget for it.

In many cases, whether or not you hire an interior designer comes down to whether or not you have the budget set aside for it. However, if you can spring for the added service, it’s almost always advisable to do so, especially if it’s for a significant renovation project. While it seems like an interior design firm would fulfill one specific purpose, many design firms handle everything from interior project management, space planning, residential design, commercial space design, and more. Since these services are relatively comprehensive, it makes sense that so many homeowners depend on designers to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Of course, there’s the common myth that you have to have a massive budget to hire a design firm. Actually, in many cases, an interior space planning group can help you save money compared to how much you’d spend on DIY finishes and renovations. Particularly if you’re working with a new build, an interior planning group can help you ensure that your space is up to local codes and regulations, so you don’t face any compliance issues. Do a locationally specific search like “interior design firms Denver, CO” to find a nearby company that can help.

Hire a designer for mid-level to significant renovations.

If you’re looking to tear out a wall, turn your home into an open concept layout, or get the same fireplace that you saw in a model home, you might be tempted to whip out the sledgehammer, but you should take a minute before you start swinging. An interior decorator or interior design company can help you avoid costly mistakes. Also, you can rely on your interior design company’s professionalism to ensure that you’re making the best decisions on things that you might not realize have a great impact on the final result.

Even something as seemingly inconsequential as outlet and switch placement in the living room or bathroom can make a bigger splash than you’d think. After all, if your outlets, plugs, or light switches aren’t easily accessible, they can greatly hamper a room’s utility. An interior decorator can help you with everything from teardowns and gutting to commercial projects and major renovations. Finding interior design services with extensive professional experience is a savvy move for long-term success.

Hire a designer if you’re ready to collaborate.

A full-service interior design firm will do its best to express a client’s personality through clever design choices. However, this is dependent upon the client being willing to collaborate in the first place. If the idea of bouncing ideas off of a pro excites you, you may be ready to hire a designer. A capable designer or firm will take your design vision and budget and execute to the best of their abilities.

With these tips, you’ll be ready to meet with a professional designer and discuss your specific needs. From commercial projects to new home designs, a full-service firm can help your design vision thrive.