The jewel industry is a thriving business arena. The value of this market in 2021 is approximated to be $38.23 billion. In the U.S., it’s estimated that the jewel industry will bring in over $60 billion by 2025.

There are a variety of tools you need to work in this area. We’ll break down how to maintain such equipment.

Managing Equipment


Fashionable ornaments need to be maintained. Utilizing the correct equipment can ensure that you can set the center stone of someone’s favorite ornament piece or even cash in on an engagement ring trend by creating such pieces with stone-setting equipment. To begin with, you’ll want to invest in an equipment tracking system like Cheqroom. This affordable tracking system using inventory management and asset management software allows you to keep track of your jewel repair equipment.

Every piece of equipment can be accounted for with this inventory management system. Jewel-making organizations of all sizes can use Cheqroom’s software functions that give them a chance to know what equipment is available. You can have full visibility of the availability and condition of your gear. This is one of the best elements of Cheqroom, preventing you from having to question what equipment you have on hand.

The inventory management software also helps you to keep workers accountable. If a piece of equipment is lost or damaged, you can track who the last person was to use the tools. This especially comes in handy if your equipment is spread over different warehouse locations or at different stores. Lastly, you can begin to make better decisions about your equipment. You’ll be able to gain insight about your gear, focusing on usage and the condition of these items. As a jewel store owner, you’ll then be able to make better decisions about the usage and warranties of these items. We’ll dig a little deeper into what jewel equipment is available for keeping these ornaments in the best shape.

Different Types of Equipment

Some of the jewel shop equipment that can be tracked by this inventory management system includes ring-stretching machines, polishing wheels, and ultrasonic cleaners. The ultrasonic cleaner is an important instrument that many jewelers in the diamond industry use to clean their products. Every jeweler must keep up with the latest diamond trends, so all jewelers must do their best to keep their products in the best shape possible.

In addition, laser machines and gold and rhodium plating tanks are used in many jewel shops across the United States. A laser machine allows a jeweler to refine their products with precision and accuracy. They can recreate classic styles for custom-made white gold stone rings or even personalize an eternity band for a customer. Lastly, there’s the CAD/3D printer and casting equipment. The printer can help a large-scale jeweler with custom creation production. These custom-made pieces of jewelry can be created via 3D printing. A computer file is first “printed” in wax from a 3D printer. The wax is then used to cast metal that will eventually be used in items such as eternity bands or necklaces that hold various jewels. Each tool allows jewelry stores to supply the best products for customers seeking the finest pieces.

Reasons for Wearing Jewelry


Wearing jewelry is a time-honored tradition that a lot of people take part in, so understanding why people wear jewelry is a must. Engagement rings, wedding bands, sapphire earrings, and rose gold necklaces are worn across the world. Some individuals see pieces of jewelry as status symbols. They’ll flaunt a diamond jewelry necklace at a prestigious event for people to see how much they’ve spent. Others will wear pieces of formalwear white gold necklaces and diamond-shaped broaches for special occasions such as weddings, family get-togethers, or a host of other events. Classic styles allow enjoyment of the sustainability and traditional style of such pieces. Keep track of the types of jewelry your business is producing to keep up with demand.

There are individuals who love following new trends of last year and the latest trends of today, enjoying the allure of stylish ornaments. These tips can help you cater to them in an organized fashion.