The last thing that you or anyone else wants to find themselves dealing with is having to traverse a literal obstacle course of scattered belongings amidst an early morning race to the office. There’s something about a cluttered home that unfortunately always seems to translate into elevated stress levels.

As human beings, we’re pretty much hard-wired to appreciate space. On top of that, the space that is occupied by our belongings always benefits from being well-organized. You don’t want to catch yourself in bed, tossing and turning on a late-night because you can’t remember where you put your briefcase for the next day. So, let’s take a closer look at some helpful storage tips for an organized home. The peace of mind that you’ll find after putting these into practice is unparalleled.

1. Keep an eye out for wasted space.

We’re all creatures of habit when it comes to where we stow our belongings. You very well might be someone who has designated certain areas of your home for various articles of clothing, backpacks, etc. The thing about this is that it’s really not very space-efficient. It’s all about doing what you can to store your belongings over doors and even underneath beds. These are great areas that are otherwise overlooked.

However, if you’re not able to fit all of your stuff in your home due to a lack of square feet, you can take the ever-effective route of looking up “24 hour storage near me” online and see what resources you can find. From there, you’ll be able to track down a storage company that can meet your needs.

Just make sure that you confirm that the storage facility offers sufficient measures to keep your stuff safe. If you have the option, always go for the 24-hour storage that’s loaded with security cameras. 24-hour storage will allow you to grab your valuables and even vehicles at a moment’s notice. With summer here it’s not beyond reason to imagine a scenario where you might need to grab the beach gear, or boat if you’re really lucky.

2. Give yourself plenty of time.

Trying to rush through anything in life isn’t advisable. Your brain tends to do a funny and unfortunate thing when you push it into overdrive and don’t give it the time it needs to properly problem solve. You can pretty much look at organizing your stuff as your own meditation practice.

If you embrace it like that you might even lower your blood pressure just like you would during meditation. Plus, you don’t need the extra stress that comes of trying to rush through a process that’s intended to set your future self up for success. So, allot your time such that you’re able to gracefully flow through the operation that is getting a space organized. You’ll likely find that your place looks all the better at the end of the process, purely because you didn’t race through it.

3. Organize your things with color.

Color coding is a gift in this existence. One moment you might have your things all scattered about, with next to no idea where you put your favorite watch or jacket, and the next thing you know you’re pulling them out of a bin that was specifically colored to let you know where they were. You can color-code almost everything in the house. Your kids’ stuff will finally be organized as well. Just make sure to use some fun colors for them. They’ll love it.

As long as you commit to putting these few storage tips into practice, there’s no reason that you can’t continue onward in your life’s journey with an organized home. Within every organized home can oftentimes be a noticeably more relaxed family. At the very least you’ll know that no worries are being had about everything being scrambled.